MPs expenses

The quarterly disclosures are out for MPs and Ministers.

Top Ministers in terms of internal costs were:

  1. PM $121,884
  2. Judith Collins $74,138
  3. Pita Sharples $72,473
  4. Steven Joyce $62,223
  5. Tariana Turia $57,260

Worth remembering that expenses are to some degree a reflection of activity and location. Also affected by whether their ministerial home is owned or rented.

Total ministerial expenses for Q4 2011 were $1.16m plus $0.32m overseas travel for $1.48m. The year before in Q4 2010 it was $1.13m plus $0.86m overseas travel for $1.99m total. Obviously with the election, less travel.

Top MPs were:

  1. Hone Harawira $54,961
  2. Phil Goff $32,566
  3. Rahui Katene $29,436
  4. Kevin Hague $28,763
  5. David Cunliffe $28,040

The total for the quarter were $3.15m. For Q4 2010, it was $1.80m. I guess the election saw a lot of taxpayer funded travel.

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