Parliament 9 February 2012

2 pm – 3 pm

  1. GARETH HUGHES to the Minister for Primary Industries: Will he extend the Taranaki set net ban after the recent death of a Maui’s dolphin in a fishing net?
  2. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister for Economic Development:What actions is the Government taking to boost economic linkages with China?
  3. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that his hour-long show on Radio Live on 30 September 2011 was an “election free zone”?
  4. Dr PAUL HUTCHISON to the Minister of Health: What improvements, if any, have been made to the Government’s national health targets?
  5. Hon LIANNE DALZIEL to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery: Did he discuss with the Christchurch City Mayor reported claims that there had been overtures from within The Treasury that there was scope for the city’s rates to be increased or for assets to be sold to pay for the quake recovery, and that this could be done under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act before he called him a clown; if not, why not?
  6. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister of Local Government: What reports has he received on increases in local government council debt since the Local Government Act 2002 was enacted?
  7. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: Does she stand by her statement that the new minimum wage announced yesterday “strikes the right balance between protecting low paid workers and ensuring that jobs are not lost.”?
  8. JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Consumer Affairs: What recent announcements has the Government made on protecting consumers from loan sharks?
  9. CLARE CURRAN to the Minister of Broadcasting: Is he aware that Stephen McElrea is part of a working group within NZ On Air, which includes a representative of MediaWorks, and which is determining details of a documentary about Whānau Ora?
  10. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector: What recent announcement has she made in her portfolio that will benefit communities?
  11. HOLLY WALKER to the Minister for Social Development: Does she consider low family incomes to be a major contributor to childhood vulnerability?
  12. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he still have confidence in all his Ministers?

So today there are five patsies from National, four questions from Labour, two from the Greens and one from NZ First. I may start awarding a prize for most grovelling patsy question of the day. Today, I think it goes to Q10 – What recent announcement has she made in her portfolio that will benefit communities?

Labour are focusing on the Radio Live show, Brownlee v Parker, minimum wage and NZ on Air. I doubt the minimum wage question will get anywhere (the increase is twice the inflation rate), but the other three could all pose some difficulties to the Government. Labour should have a good day today in the House.

The Greens are asking about a dolphin caught in a net and child poverty. The child poverty question could get interesting. The dolphin one is a waste of a question in my opinion.

Winston is trying the same question for the third day running. Mr Speaker made very clear yesterday that if you ask such a general primary question, you can’t do anything if the Minister is unable to answer a detailed supplementary question. So not sure there will be a different outcome to yesterday.

Address in Reply Debate 3 pm – 6 pm 

Northland MP Mike Sabin maiden speech at 3.45 pm.

11 hours remaining of the debate. I presume it will be adjourned to make way for bills after Sabin’s speech.

Government Bills 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm

  1. Taxation (International Investment and Remedial Matters) Bill – second reading continued
  2. Consumer Law Reform Bill – first reading
  3. Road User Charges Bill – third reading
  4. Biosecurity Law Reform Bill – committee stage
  5. Sentencing (Aggravating Factors) Amendment Bill – committee stage

The Consumer Law Reform Bill looks interesting. As it is only first reading I imagine it will be supported to select committee by all parties.


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