Poor diddums

Paul Easton at Stuff reports:

Actress Lucy Lawless told Fairfax at 11.30pm last night, from aboard the ship, that Shell was “going Guantanamo on us”.

“They’ve upped the ante. Shell are getting pretty pissed off, what one could expect.”

The protesters were being “bombarded” with the persistent booming sounds from loud speakers, including screams and feedback sounds, she said.

Oh how awful. Those nasty Shell people.

But a spokeswoman for Shell said the sounds were not being made in response to the protesters, but were just standard procedure.

Normal operations involve work throughout the day and night, she said.

“As part of routine work standard procedure requires the crane’s horn to be sounded when the crane moves over the vessel. There was no loud music or other extraneous noise.”

So these terrible Guantanamo type sounds are in fact the normal sounds of a working ship. I guess this tells you a lot about the protesters.

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