A fair point

Iain Lees-Galloway blogs:

Tariana Turia has accused Fonterra of dumping milk into the Manawatu River.

I was concerned when I read her press release so I contacted Fonterra to see what was going on. The odd thing is, the idea of calling Fonterra hadn’t occurred to Tariana. Nor does it seem she had spoken to Horizons Regional Council. In fact, as best as I can tell, she hadn’t done a thing to substantiate her claims before she issued her press release.

This is totally irresponsible from a Government Minister. …

If the claims are true, Fonterra absolutely should be held to account. But where are the facts and why on earth was her first action to issue a press release?

Iain is quite correct. No MP should make an unsubstantiated allegation such as this, let alone a Minister.

At least though Mrs Turia didn’t do it in the House, cowering under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

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