Enemies of the Internet

Reporters without Borders has released its list of countries that are enemies of the Internet. I’ve added on the nature of the Government and/or Head of State:

  • Bahrain – monarchy
  • Belarus – presidential republic, president is former communist now statist
  • Burma – presidential republic, pro-military junta
  • China – Marxist-Leninist single-party state (officially)
  • Cuba – republic communist state
  • Iran – Islamic republic
  • North Korea – Juche (Marxist-Leninist) unitary single-party state,
  • Saudi Arabia – Islamic absolute monarchy
  • Syria – Baathist single party state, Arab Socialist Baath Party
  • Turkmenistan – presidential republic, single party state, former communist
  • Uzbekistan – presidential republic, former communist
  • Vietnam – Marxist/Leninist single-party state

My conclusions are that enemies of the Internet tend to be communists,  former communists, Islamists and absolute monarchs.

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