Review: Phillips Fidelio Docking speaker

Phillips, through their PR person, gave me a Docking Speaker for purposes of review. I’m very glad they did.

My first test of new equipment is how easy it is to set up. Well, this is unpackage it, and plug it into the wall. Could not be easier.

Second test is how easily does stuff plug into it. One neat thing about this product is that you can plug in your iPod, iPhone or iPad to it. So if you are using your iPhone and/or iPad, you can run your music off the iPod.

I did find one thing out the hard way though. If you plug your iPhone into it, and someone calls you – well lets just say the phone rings really really loudly!

It has a handy remote control for volume etc.

But even cooler, is it has bluetooth. That means you don’t even have to plug your iPhone or iPad into it. Just push play on your iPhone and the music comes out on the other side of the room through the speaker. That is nice. And no, if your phone rings while bluetoothed to it, that doesn’t go over the speaker.

I watch the odd movie on my iPad. Will be great to have it bluetooth to a proper speaker.

So a very cool toy I have to say. My thanks to Phillips for it. I may end up buying one also as a Christmas present for a deserving relative.

They also gave me these headphones, called The Stretch to try out. Super comfortable and flexible. Not going to wear them to the gym, but they are great if your flatmate is at home, and you want to listen to music or movies without disturbing them. Air NZ should give these out to their frequent flyers, rather than invent new ways to screw them over instead!