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The headline in the Sunday Star-Times, at Stuff is “Mr Unpopular?” above a photo of John Key, and a story by Anthony Hubbard proclaiming “People are getting angry, John”.

Rather ironic timing then that tonight’s 3 News Reid Research poll (blogged at Curiablog) has National increasing its support since February by 2.3%, to reach 49.8%.

Personally I think this shows what a small bubble some (not all) of the media live in. Just because their Grey Lynn friends are all up in arms over something, doesn’t mean most of New Zealand is.

As for the Labour wet dream headline of “Mr Unpopular” I should point out that the big movement in the poll was a 9% increase in those saying David Shearer is performing poorly. Those saying Key was performing poorly increased by just 2%.

I really do wonder sometimes whether or not the Sunday Star-Times should just be renamed “The Standard”.

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