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I blogged yesterday the positions of the political parties on the MMP review. I’ve amended it for United Future as I had overlooked that they are the one party which supported open lists. Their submission said all list candidates should have to stand in an electorate, and they be ranked in descending order of the percentage of party votes in that electorate their party got. That encourages them to campaign for party votes then. Not a totally bad idea, but you wouldn’t want to be the Labour candidate in Helensville or National candidate in Mangere!

I should also make clear that you can still make written submissions to the review until 31 May 2012. The headline last week was for those who wish to also do oral submissions. These oral submission hearings will start in Wellington on Monday 23 April.

Also the Maori Party submission has now been published. They have some interesting proposals:

  • That those of Maori decent be automatically enrolled on the Maori roll, with an option to transfer to the general roll. At present Maori choose when they enrol, rather than have to opt out.
  • Lower the party vote threshold (they do not specify to what) as no Maori party has ever gained 5%
  • Keep the one electorate seat threshold
  • That like the general seats, no Maori seat can be split between the North and South Islands (Te Tai Tonga includes all of the South Island and parts of Wellington)
  • To include tribal information in the electoral roll

As far as I know, the Mana Party have not yet put in a submission.

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