Are the Greens using taxpayer funds to get signatures for their petition?

Inventory2 at Keeping Stock blogs:

We’ve just been alerted to something very interesting on Twitter; check out this vacancy on the Student Job Search website:

That’s right Dear Readers; the Green Party, that last bastion of honesty and principle in New Zealand politics is paying people to go out and collect signatures for their petition against the Government’s Mixed Ownership Model, which they still misleadingly refer to as “Asset Sales”.
Two questions come to mind immediately; is it so hard to get people to sign this petition that the Green Party has to pay for people to accost members of the public and bully them into signing; rather like Scientologists do? And can the Green Party give us a categorical assurance that no taxpayer funds are being spent on this initiative?
The category the job is listed under is “Central Government”, so on the face of it the Greens could be using their parliamentary funding to pay people to get signatures for their petition.
Even if the funding is from the Greens, not the taxpayer, I have to say I have never heard of a political party paying students to collect petition signatures before. Isn’t that what you have umm activists for? What does it mean, that they can’t find an activist in Christchurch willing to collect signatures for them?

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