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A Whangarei childcare centre is planning legal action against the New Zealand Aids Foundation (NZAF) for slander.

The centre said NZAF made false comments about it, which have ruined its reputation – but NZAF said the centre needed to acknowledge it has made “really poor decisions”.

I would note it is very very hard for an organisation to win a defamation suite, as if I cam correct they have to show actual damage, not just reputational damage.

The centre received “mixed messages” about the level of care the boy needed and had never “excluded, expelled, or shut out” the boy, but rather asked him to stay at home while a care plan was established, Tipene said.

I’m sorry but that is an exclusion. It is doublespeak to argue otherwise.

More than 20 other early childhood centres in Northland have offered a space to the boy, without having to develop care plans, a NZAF spokeswoman said.

Restores may faith in the basic decency of Kiwis.

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