Why not loans for all?

A reader e-mails:

Hey David, was just reading about possible changes to student loans and was wondering why all young people not working don’t have to draw down a loan for a living allowance. Surely they are all expected to get a job in later life, and most should be able to pay back what they have taken from the State? Why should students be treated differently to their unemployed peers?

Personally, I think the parents income test doesn’t work and all young people not working should have to draw down a loan. Anyone with a child who is a student not getting an allowance has stories of other students with asset rich parents getting an allowance.

The concept could probably be taken further to anyone temporarily unemployed, but where would you stop? 

My son is living at home for free and studying.  We were even paying him a small allowance for a while but now he is drawing down his loan which is sensible since we still have a mortgage on the house. 

An idea worth debating.

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