As I have been saying for months

For months and months I have been saying the faux outrage over 7 is misguided. I have consistently said that what matters is the programmes, not trying to make TVNZ into a hybrid part-commercial, part-public broadcaster.

has announced:

is pleased to announce funding for 3 (formerly Media 7).

The Shelf-produced programme examining local will move to TV3 on Saturday mornings in August with an encore screening late on Sunday evenings. It will also be available on-demand at

“We are thrilled to support this excellent programme” says Chief Executive Jane Wrightson. “Host and the team already enjoy a dedicated following and we are delighted that TV3 has chosen to extend their schedules even further by adding this series”.

“We are really pleased to be adding 3 to the TV3 line-up,” says MediaWorks TV Acting Director of Programming Mark Caulton. “It is an ideal addition to the thought-provoking programming we have developed for our weekend schedule, such as The Nation, Three60 and Think Tank.”

I predict 3 will get far larger audiences that Media 7 ever got. This is a good thing – it is a good quality show, and I enjoy watching it.

Again, this shows that the we do have funding for good public broadcasting in New Zealand.

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