Hone on same sex marriage

An interesting interview on Radio Rhema with Hone Harawira on the same sex marriage issue. I think the only broadcast interview he has done on the issue.

A couple of quotes:

My politics might be radical, morally I am very conservative. …

I value the marriage my father and my mother had. I value that marriage that I have with my wife. I don’t know necessarily that you just changes rules because somebody says change rules. …

One thing I am proud of in being in politics is I’ve never voted for something I didn’t personally believe in.

Quite a fascinating interview. Few MPs would self-describe themselves as “morally very conservative”, especially the leader of a radical nationalist left party.

Also an insight into Hone that he has never voted for something he doesn’t personally believe in. I think this helps us understand why he was never going to last in the Maori Party, or in fact in any party he did not lead. The reality of politics is that MPs often have to vote for something they are not always personally convinced of. If this wasn’t the case, then every single issue and vote would be a conscience vote, and no Government could ever actually lay out a policy platform. Even Keith Holyoake once said he only agreed with about 80% of what his Government did.

Politics involves compromises, and Hone’s inability to ever compromise will always make him less effective than he could be.

As for the actual issue of same sex marriage, Hone has said he is happy to talk to Mana about it but I note his statement about never voting for something he does not believe in. I wouldn’t want to bet money on him changing his position.

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