Maggie Barry standing orders

After Maggie Barry suggested during the paid parental debate that Labour MPs without children aren’t that well qualified to talk on the issue of paid parental leave, Twitter had a hash tag of #maggiebarrystandingorders. Pete George has some of the better ones:

  • Happy birthday @jacindaardern! Although it’s not MY birthday so I really shouldn’t comment…
  • only Maggie Barry may cite #maggiebarrystandingorders in the house
  • You can only talk about asset sales if you have three TradeMe stars or more.
  • Maggie Barry seems quite happy to talk about euthanasia. Maybe it’s a cry for help
  • Only MPs named Sarah can talk about CERA
  • MPs wanting to talk about taser will have to have been tased.
  • Maggie, I have 2 children so can talk about Paid Parental Leave twice as much.
  • No more references to Willie Apiata by MPs who haven’t rescued comrades under enemy fire
  • We can’t talk about #maggiebarrystandingorders because we’re not Maggie Barry
  • MPs wanting to talk about taser will have to have been tased.
  • You can’t make decisions about New Zealand unless you’ve never left the country.
  • No-one in National or ACT can talk about public transport
  • Under #maggiebarrystandingorders only Peter Dunne can speak on planking.
  • @DavidClarkNZ must be on the minimum wage to put forward a minimum wage bill
  • Louisa Wall must get married wage to put forward a marriage bill

All quite funny. I would point out though that I am a regular public transport user, unlike a certain former Green MP who didn’t even have a snapper card despite decades of going on about the importance of public transport in Wellington!

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