No one would buy it!

NZ Herald reports:

Opposition parties say job cuts at KiwiRail are a step towards its sale, but the Prime Minister has assured New Zealanders the troubled company will not go on the block.

Consultation documents released by New Zealand First show the Government-owned company needs to save $200 million over three years.

I doubt we could sell it for even $1. No one would be as stupid as Labour was, and want to buy it.

Prime Minister John Key said the Government did not plan to sell KiwiRail and would continue to invest in the company, but would not intervene to save jobs.

“The Government has been a heavy investor. We’ve put $1.8 billion into KiwiRail in recent years and we will continue to support the business.”

Labour and Greens say the $1.8b is not enough. Kiwirail is a bottomless pit when it comes to money for them it seems.

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