Youth drink-driving

Stuff reports:

Police have been stunned but delighted by the drop in arrests for drunken driving by teenagers – almost a year after the zero alcohol limit was brought in for the under-20s.

Figures released by police under the Official Information Act show that in first nine months of the new law coming into force on August 7 last year, 3091 youths aged 15-19 were arrested for drink driving.

The figure for the 12 months before the law change was 6414 – tracking towards an ‘‘absolutely brilliant’’ change, acting national manager road policing Superintendent Rob Morgan said.

Police had expected the introduction of the law to lead to more offences overall for young drivers, but it appeared as if the law change was acting as a deterrent  ‘‘… certainly these results are very encouraging,’’ he said.

This is excellent. It shows the value of laws that target correctly.

In fact youth drink driving has been declining for several years, which shows that the age of purchase being 18 is not a barrier to safer roads.

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