Crossing the border

This is the border house at the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. We spent around three hours here as they checked all our paperwork.

A few people have asked me for more details of the boat, so here’s a few photos to give you an idea of what it is like on board.

This is the sun deck and pool area. We’re averaged 32 degrees or so, which has been great. Despite it being the end of the wet season, haven’t had a drop of rain yet. Most importantly very little humidity. It is bloody hot, and you wilt in the sun. But it is dry hot. Not like Singapore where you get soaked even crossing the road.

The rather small gym. Nice views though.

This is the main Saigon Lounge. We do briefings in here, and can generally relax in here.

The dining room. The boat can take 92, but we have around 60 – 70, so lots of room.

The interior is lovely, with lots of wood. There are four decks.

The corridor I am in.

My cabin number. Damn. So close!

The bed inside the cabin. A good queen size and very comfortable. Not a lot of sun as I am in the cheaper porthole cabins. But is fine, as I only really sleep or work in there. The upper floors have little balconies.

Has a decent work area. I work offline in the cabin and online in the lounges where I have wireless.

The Library, which also serves as a nice quiet place to blog from.

The RV La Marguerite is very modern, and nice. No complaints at all.