The MP who thinks he is above the law

Stuff reports:

Mr Harawira said: “I parked my car in front of a truck and shone my light up high on the woman on the roof. I stayed in my car. They broke into my car and smashed at least one window and arrested me.”

That is Hone’s version. The Police:

Officers had managed to clear all the vehicles to allow the passage of the truck and trailer unit, except for one vehicle which was driven and occupied by Mr Harawira.

“Repeated attempts were made to converse with Mr Harawira who refused to acknowledge police directions and remained locked in his vehicle.

“The house removal driver advised he could not remove his truck and trailer without the removal of Mr Harawira’s vehicle. After exhaustive attempts to converse with Mr Harawira, including written requests placed on his windscreen, the decision was made to enter the vehicle and this was done with the use of an automotive glass entry devise borrowed from the tow company, shortly after midnight.”

So Hone thinks he is above the law.

Meanwhile, yesterday hit out at protesters, saying its tenants were feeling pressured to take part in protest action.

“Since the project was announced, we have been receiving regular calls from affected tenants to say they are feeling pressured to participate in protest action, which has been largely organised and run by people who are not impacted by the redevelopment,” the general manager of asset development, Sean Bignell, said.

The professional protesters such as Hone are bullying the actual local residents. They should stand up to the bullies.

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