He seems to be upset

One of the Homecrew crew seems to be a bit upset that I said the taxpayer shouldn’t fund events where they get to yell obscenities at the PM. They’re entitled to call him what they want, but I’d rather not have the taxpayer fund it.

Anyway it seems they are on Twitter, and you can see why they are a Labour Party favourite that plays at fundraisers for them. Some tweets:

  • Hey David Farrar lick my balls asshole. You mad coz you ain’t at the awards you fuck face.
  • @dpfdpf You’re just as ugly as I thought. Fuck you! Lose some weight fatty!
  • David Farrar didn’t take 2hrs & 45mins to finish that walk he said he did. He’s actually still walking the fat cunt!
  • If I see David Farrar anywhere I’m gonna roll his fat ass down the road. Someone set this up? It could be a YouTube hit.
  • Anyways.. What does his fat asshole know about music? Stick to politics David, your whole face looks like a dickhead.
  • David Attenborough > David ‘Fat Ass’ Farrar.
  • I bet you without using a mirror, David Farrar can’t see his own dick.
  • @dpfdpf Stay on the treadmill & those exotic walks you’re been taking & shut the fuck up. People will like you more.
  • @dpfdpf Sorry we don’t do 9XL Listen To Homebrew t’s, otherwise I’d send your biter ass one.
  • He sucks @JohnKeyPM‘s asshole every night

My reply was to encourage him to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party!

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