Internet policy issues

I’ve been involved with InternetNZ and Internet policy issues for around 15 years now. One of the things I enjoy is the intellectual challenge, as you deal with such a huge diversity of issues. InternetNZ staff compiled the below list of issues that have been discussed at our policy meetings in 2012.

  1. 111 System Review
  2. APNIC Policy
  3. Briefings to Incoming Ministers
  4. Chorus’ Role in the UFB and RBI
  5. Commerce Commission Fibre Demand-Side Study
  6. Communications (New Media) Bill
  7. Convergence (Telco/Broadcasting)
  8. Copyright
  9. Data Caps
  10. Digital Dividend
  11. DNSSEC
  12. Privacy
  13. Economic Studies of impact of Internet on the economy
  14. Electronic Identification Verification Bill
  15. ICANN’s new gTLD programme
  16. InTAC (Internet Technical Architecture Conference)
  17. International Mobile Roaming
  18. International Telecommunications Regulations
  19. IP Interconnection
  20. IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 adoption
  21. NetHui
  22. Network Measurement Lab
  23. News Media Meets New Media Law Commission paper
  24. Policy Principles for future Internet submissions
  25. Southern Cross Cable
  26. Telecommunications Development Levy Determination
  27. TelstraClear and Vodafone Merger
  28. Trans Pacific Partnership
  29. Radio Spectrum 5-Year Outlook
  30. Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
  31. UBA, UCLL and UCLFS pricing determinations
As one can see, it is never boring!