I’ve decided to never piss off an intellectual property lawyer!

Scott Yorke blogs at Imperator Fish:

A Day In The Life Of Sherwin T. McFadden, Broadcaster And Blogger

7:29 am
Was that the door? Oh my God, they’re here! I knew that one day the fascists in their jackboots and brown shirts would smash down my door and take me away. Didn’t I warn everyone that this was where it was all going to lead? This is all the mainstream media’s fault. They wouldn’t have dared to come here if only TVNZ had given me my own show.

Why didn’t the fools listen to me? Damn you, mainstream media!

7:35 am

So it turns out that the knock on the door was a courier, here to deliver the John Pilger book I ordered online.

“Can I get your signature?” he asked me as he handed me the parcel.

I don’t often get asked for an autograph, but I’m always happy to make a fan’s day. It’s hard to believe that when I pitched my hard-hitting current affairs show to TV3 they told me I didn’t have enough of a public profile. Ha!

“Do you watch my show, or are you a follower of my blog?” I asked the courier.

“I don’t know who the f**k you are, mister,” he replied. “Just sign for the parcel, so I can get going.”

I could tell he was a Nazi the moment he pulled up in his van.

9:42 am

The ratings are due out today for my hard-hitting current affairs show, Sherwin Says. It’s on every week on Freeview channel 418, and I provide commentary on the issues of the day, asking the questions everyone in the mainstream media is afraid to ask.

Last week I eviscerated John Key’s government, labelling its members “a band of crazies sucking at the neoliberal crack pipe”. I would love to have seen the look on John Key’s face when his advisers ran to his office to report what I’d said. 

11:16 am

The TV ratings are rigged! It’s just another scam engineered by a corrupt elite to shut down dissent. As soon as anyone challenges the existing power structures they get squashed.

 There’s no way my show had only four viewers last month. They won’t stop my crusade! 

1:21 pm

I can’t believe Nate Silver is getting all the credit for predicting an Obama victory. In an exclusive piece on my blog way back in October I picked Obama to win, not that most people would know. Of course the elites in power are determined to ignore me, because they know the mayhem I would cause. One day the public will awaken from their slumbers and realise that their country has been taken from them by the rich, the powerful and the greedy. And I shall be there to help them take it back, reporting every moment of the action on my blog for posterity.

1:34 pm

Bryce Edwards has again failed to include any of my blogposts in his daily politics round-up.

His decision to ignore my powerful post John Key is evil and kills children was obviously deliberate. He’s part of the problem, not the solution, now that he works for the Herald.

4:08 pm

Spent most of the afternoon blocking people on Twitter, defriending people of Facebook, banning people from my blog, and writing a blogpost attacking various other bloggers and commentators on the left. The only thing worse than a right wing stooge is a leftie who has a different shade of opinion to mine.

I once offered to combine blog forces with The Standard, but they turned me down. Well it’s their loss. They’re just a bunch of tired Labour party hacks too scared to speak truth to power. Their politics disgust me, and I suspect them of being class enemies, one and all.

Why won’t they let me do a guest post? 

5:51 pm

That loathsome Whaleoil needs to be stopped. That obnoxious fascist clown and his National Party shill David Farrar represent everything that’s wrong with the world.

And have you seen their blog traffic? It’s so unfair!

This is so funny, it is actually cruel.