Smart, but not street smart

The Independent reports:

She is the internet phenomenon, a Czech-born swimwear model whose website commands a million clicks a month from male admirers around the globe. He  was one of them – a 68-year-old British academic, originally from Kidderminster, who for 11 love-struck weeks believed he was courting on-line the former Miss Bikini World, Denise Milani, and was about to start a new life with her in South America.

This is Ms Milani.

I can understand being 68 and being keen to shack up with the lovely Ms Milani. I less understand how you can possibly think she would be meeting dates through Internet Dating, let alone that she has fallen in love with a 68 year old man she has never met!

Yesterday however, Professor Paul Frampton was sentenced to nearly five years in a notoriously tough Argentinian jail after being found guilty of drug trafficking by a Buenos Aires court – the victim, he claimed, of an elaborate international honey trap set by gangsters pretending to be Miss Milani.

A bit like the Sharon Armstrong case.

He initially travelled to La Paz, Bolivia, thinking he was going to meet her for the first time. Instead he was greeted by a middle-aged man who gave him a suitcase it was claimed belonged to Miss Milani. The following day he flew to Buenos Aires where he was instructed to fly on to the Belgium capital Brussels where he was told he would finally meet his new girlfriend.

Even if one thought Ms Milani was ready and willing to ravish you, then warning bells should definitely have gone off when she doesn’t meet you and some man gives you a suitcase to take through customs!

However, after a 36-hour wait for an e-ticket to be sent to him, he decided to abort the plan and fly back to the USA via Peru. He was arrested at the airport and two kilogrammes of cocaine was found hidden in gift wrapping paper hidden inside the lining of his suitcase.

Pity he didn’t dump the suitcase.

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