Some interesting UK poll results

Some interesting results from a You Gov poll in the UK:

  •  48% support tax reductions for businesses with 33% opposed
  • Only 19% support tax reductions for high earners
  • Only 3% support the planned 5% increase in the EU budget
  • 57% support a referendum being held on UK membership of EU
  • 49% would vote to leave the Eu and only 32% would vote to stay
  • 46% want the UK in an EU that is a free trade area only, 19% want the EU as it is, and 26% want the UK completely out of the EU
  • 63% say prisoners should not be able to vote, and only 17% say those serving sentences of less than four years should be eligible to vote
  • 78% say the Church of England should allow female Bishops, with 10% against only

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