Telecom v Vodafone data roaming prices

Vodafone pointed out to me their data angel service allows you to buy data in advance and not be able to go over your cost limit. This is better than what they had previously, but I have to say I like the idea of just having a flat rate and not having to worry about how much data I am using.

But people may wonder, which is cheaper. Well here is the comparison.

  • Australia $6/day Telecom v $15 for 100 MB Vodafone. So if you do more than 40 MB a day then Telecom is cheaper. Less than 40 MB a day and Vodafone is cheaper. But of course they key difference is most of us have little idea how much data we may use on a trip. If you end up using your phone for GPS the data use will be much higher.
  • UK/USA $10/day Telecom v $15 for 40 MB Vodafone. So if you do more than 27 MB a day then Telecom is cheaper and less than 27 MB a day, Vodafone is cheaper.

If you use your smart phone to tether your laptop also, I’d say you end up doing far more than 40 MB a day. I’m doing around 70 MB a day in NZ, and that is without tethering when I am in Wellington.

My prediction is Vodafone will move to flat rate data plans within 12 months. And it should be much easier for them to negotiate the plans as their counterparts in other countries are Vodafone Australia, Vodafone UK etc etc. Telecom managed to do it with telcos that are not even part of the same global company.

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