Voting open for Kiwiblog Awards

Voting is now open via the blog polls in the sidebar for the 2012 Kiwiblog Awards. Any names that got more than one nomination were included. As no person (except mikenmild) got nominated more than once for Public Servant of the Year, no voting for that category this year.

The nominees are:

Press Gallery Journalist of the Year

  • John Armstrong
  • Patrick Gower
  • Rodney Hide
  • Fran O’Sullivan

Rodney is not technically press gallery but he writes on politics so have allowed the nomination. Likewise Fran is a business columnist but again often writes on politics.

Minor Party MP of the Year

  • Peter Dunne
  • Kevine Hague
  • Julie-Anne Genter
  • Russel Norman
  • Winston Peters

National MP of the Year

  • Chris Finlayson
  • Steven Joyce
  • John Key
  • Tony Ryall

Labour MP of the Year

  • David Cunliffe
  • Chris Hipkins
  • Rajen Prasad
  • Louisa Wall

MP of the Year

  • Steven Joyce
  • Russel Norman
  • Tony Ryall