Councillor against Mayor meeting ratepayers

Daniel Adams at the Waikato Times reports:

Hamilton’s mayor is being accused of using mayoral forums to electioneer ahead of this year’s election – a claim she rejects.

Mayor Julie Hardaker also rejected the claim that ratepayers are helping fund her re-election after a complaint was made to electoral officials.

Councillor Dave Macpherson has asked for a ruling from the city returning officer on a series of branded forums organised by staff for Ms Hardaker.

He claims the mayor’s forums are electioneering in disguise and should stop.

Or it is a Mayor doing their job and making themselves available to ratepayers to discuss any issues they have. Macpherson is being silly and petty.

The best quote on Mr Macpherson comes from his former leader Jim Anderton:

But Anderton was dismissive of the remarks.

“Dave Macpherson is one member of the Alliance, he is on the Hamilton City Council… last thing I knew he was the deputy chairman of the subcommittee of the dog control appeal authority.”

Attacking a Mayor for actually getting out there and meeting ratepayers is just silly.