More clear stances from Labour

was on The Farming Show and asked about whether he will go along with Winston’s policy to confiscate the shares of people who purchase Mighty River Power shares.

As before, he won’t rule it in or out. How can you fudge a policy of this magnitude?

But the best is yet to come. David Shearer explain why they are unlikely to buy the shares back because the proceeds from will be spent on schools and hospitals and they couldn’t afford to buy them back.

That’s a stunning implicit admission that the schools and hospitals would not be affordable without the asset sales. He also agrees that spending money from asset sales on irrigation would be money well spent but warns that most of the proceeds will go on schools and hospitals, not irrigation!

You have to listen to it yourself to believe it.

Later on is also a clip with Larry Williams on the car park tax. Now it is obvious to almost everyone that the Government is going to back down on this tax. So you’d think it would be a simple thing to do and say you will abolish it, if it is implemented.

Larry Williams asks him if he would wind it back – the equivalent of an easy pitch. And the answer is “We’ll certainly look at it”.

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The audio is embedded above. If that doesn’t work you can listen to them here. It’s great to have the Labour Party Leader talking about how the asset sales will be used to fund schools and hospitals!

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