A winner for the most repugnant letter

I blogged on Friday a collection of the more bizarre and offensives letters against . I thought they were pretty bad, but we have an unparalleled winner in this one:

And what about the current discrimination of ?  It is a “natural” to them and genuine belief that it is beneficial to young children to experience sex at an early stage and certainly a condition that is definitely “not their fault”. 

First compares homosexuality to pedophilia. The idea of consenting adults seems lost on him or her.

I have met paedophiles who very genuinely love children and can be very caring people. One, whom I’ve known since childhood and who turned himself in to the police then would not visit my home because he was worried that people in the community would smash my windows or attack me for “harbouring” him.

I really don’t think I can add a comment on here.

Deviations from the “norm” are apparent in many conditions. The Dunedin man Weatherston was treated abominably as a mentally ill person. I actually looked up the Oxford dictionary at the time  and found “frenzy”means temporary insanity. Of course it was a dreadful tragedy for the victim and her family but, as matters are with psychiatric illness in N.Z. ,he could not have received medical attention anyway without having come to the attention of the police.

Now they effectively compares homosexuality as a deviation, just like . In fact they are upset about how poor old Clayton was treated. You can’t make this up!

“Understanding” and compassion towards those in society with deviant conditions should apply to ALL conditions -not just homosexuals.”

So the problem is that homosexuals get too much understanding and compassion, and pedophiles and Clayton Weatherston don’t get enough.

I don’t think you could top this letter, if you tried.

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