Thanks Clint

Clint (of Hey Clint fame) tweeted a link to a spreadsheet of power prices since 1979 adjusted for inflation, per kWh.

So this data is from the Green Party itself. So let’s have a look at in graphical form.

power prices 1979 to 2009


So what does it show. The average cost of power was less in 1999 than it was in 1990.

Also that after the 1998 Bradford reforms, the price dropped.

And then under Labour the price skyrocketed.

Since Labour left office, power prices have increased only 2% a year when you exclude the one off GST and ETS decisions which have nothing to do with what generating companies charge.

Labour created the problem, and despite the fact of far lower increases under National, they are using their legacy as a pretext to nationalise the industry.

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