Demented extremists

Readers will recall the Nisbet cartoon of last week. A few people called for it to be banned as racist. The PM responded to the suggestion of a law change to allow this with the very mild statement that the Govt has no plans to change the law to ban racist cartoons, as racism is very subjective and hard to define.

The current law makes illegal statements or publications that vilify a racial group, which is a far tougher criteria.

Now I would have thought the statement that what is racist is very subjective was almost beyond argument. Almost every day I see people call other people racist. Some people say the Maori seats are racist. Some people say the Police are racist. I can’t think of something that is more subjective.

So the PM’s comments on not changing the law to ban cartoons that offend were hardly controversial I would have thought.

But to some demented extremists on the left, it seems actually it is akin to lynching blacks in the KKK. They’ve been facebooking the cartoon below.



This just shows the demented extreme world view of those who promote this.

Incidentally National’s caucus has three Asian MPs, two Pacific MPs and eight MPs of Maori descent.

But this is how some people think. If you do not agree with them that the law should be changed to ban cartoons like Al Nisbet’s, then you are akin to a KKK member who lynches blacks.


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