So what is Labour’s policy on national standards?

David Shearer on Q+A last year:

Labour Party leader David Shearer says a Labour government would not cancel National Standards in schools, as it rolls out a Reading Recovery programme.

Yesterday Chris Hipkins in the NZ Herald:

A change of government next election would see National Standards scrapped.

Labour’s education spokesman Chris Hipkins said the Labour Party would scrap National Standards in their current form.

Once again trying to be all things to all people.

So who is right? Shearer or Hipkins?

My guess is Grant will back Hipkins, so we should treat his word as authoritative and assume Labour will scrap National Standards, despite Shearer pledging they will keep them.

How depressing that the major aim of the Labour Party is to deny parents and the Government straight-forward information on how their children are doing, and schools are doing.

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