The manufactured inquiry report

The report of the Labour///Mana inquiry into manufacturing is here.

The best comment in the report was on page 24:

Manufacturing Strategy: submitters made it plain that there was little interest on their part in further “talkfests” about the future of manufacturing in New Zealand, or about the need for a “Manufacturing Strategy”, requiring further extended discussion

Which is ironic, as that is what the entire inquiry has been – a massive talkfest.

What is most hilarious is the major recommendations for macro-:

  • a fairer and less volatile exchange rate through reforms to monetary policy
  • refocusing capital investment into the productive , rather than speculation;
  • and lowering structural costs in the economy, such as prices

How amazing. By total coincidence the major macro-economic recommendations happen to be the pre-existing policy of Labour et al. They didn't even have to think up any new policies.

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