The Spring Hill riot

Stuff reports:

A group of Spring Hill prisoners narrowly escaped being burnt to death after a burning roof caved in, just as prison officers herded them to safety.

The Waikato Times understands many of the 29 prisoners involved in Saturday’s riot at the prison’s high security wing were lucky to escape with their lives.

More than 115 prisoners have been relocated to other North Island prisons, including the 29 involved in the riot.

If those who nearly burned to death were those doing the rioting, it may have been Darwin’s Law in operation.

Would it not be sensible to split up those involved in the riot? Generally they like to have you near your family for rehabilitation reasons, but I think when you instigate riots, then there is a good case for moving some of them to say Dunedin and Christchurch prisons.

Cleaning products were used to light fires while sports equipment was broken down and used as weapons by raging prisoners – understood to be gang members.

The end result may be other prisoners lose access to sports equipment.

She confirmed those involved in starting the riots were gang members.

“There are significant numbers of one particular gang at Spring Hill, which is the Killer Beez”.

Prison staff had no indication trouble was brewing before Saturday’s riot.

How can this be? The Greens say it was because of the two year old smoking ban and the three year old double bunking policy? Nothing to do with being gang members I am sure.

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