Will they eat their own dogfood?

Russel Norman said:

We will close the door to lobbyists and special interests. We will keep politics honest by restoring public input to law making.

This prompted a reader to make this suggestion for how the Greens could implement their pledge:

Greens to cut ties with Environmental Groups and Unions

Given that the Greens like open Government then they will have to “close the door ” to all lobbyists won’t they. Forest and and all the anti mining groups will be blacklisted,the cycling groups will get no entry into the Minister of Transports office and all the child action groups will be shut out,along with the Unions  . Scientists,anti-frackers,safe food activists ,clean rivers scientists , opponents of deep sea drilling,animal welfare advocates, supporters ,problem gambling workers ,Keep our Assets Campaigners   and  even rainbow policy activists-None of these people will be allowed access to Green Ministers under a Green Coalition Government .

I look forward to the Greens closing their doors to lobbyists and special interests!

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