Bob Jones on Herald commenters

Bob Jones writes on what the likely comments would be to his Herald column if he simply wrote “The cat sat on the mat::

Struggling Worker, Henderson: “Yeah right, Mr Jones. Fine for the 1 per cent who can afford cats and mats but what about the rest of us?”

Doto, 54: “As always, more Jones sneering from on high, which is why I never read his column as every week it’s the same garbage from start to finish.”

Raupo, Morrinsville: “I also never read Mr Jones, but finally he’s got something right. Our cat sits on a mat.”

Shaun, Turangi Prison Farm: “It’s an attack on Catholics – clear as day.”

Anne, Whakatane: “Bob’s wrong. Our cat only lies on a sofa.”

JD, Wanganui: “Hang on, Anne. What colour’s your cat?”

Anne, Whakatane: “It’s ginger, JD.”

JD, Wanganui: “Well there you go, Anne. It’s obviously Irish and just being obstreperous. Normal cats sit on mats, as Bob said.”

Struggling Worker, Henderson: “What none of you realise is that lots of us are battling to make ends meet and can’t afford cats and mats. It’s simply more of Jones’ weekly arrogance, ridiculing the poor, which is why I never read his rubbish.”

Margaret, Tauranga: “Lots of kittens are available free.”

Struggling Worker, Henderson: “Yeah right, Margaret. But we’re not all parasitically raking in rents from high-rise buildings and can afford to feed cats. And for that matter, who’s giving away mats?”

As one can expect, some of the commenters did not like being mocked and responded:

So, Bob Jones’ response to the avalanche of critiicism last week over his ill-advised ‘poor people spend too much money on fancy $30 lunches’ diatribe is to say to everyone that he doesn’t care what we think ’cause he is right and we are all stupid idiots.  

I’m reading you online Bob Jones. And you are right. Who gives a toss what you think.

Can you please get this useless old geezer’s rant off I could not give a toss to actually read most of the rubbish herein, but it’s still polluting the internet.

I suspect Sir Bob is enjoying the responses.

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