Hamilton gets it wrong on fluoride again

Kurt Bayer at NZ Herald reports:

Council to explain its controversial decision to remove tooth decay-fighting fluoride from the city’s drinking water has been slammed by dental authorities.

New Zealand’s only dental training school said the one-page leaflet’s oral health information is “wrong, unscientific and misleading” and residents should disregard it.

Dr Jonathan Broadbent, a public health dentistry specialist and researcher from the University of Otago’s Faculty of Dentistry, said the newly-released information needs to be corrected.

“I suggest they have a public communication problem on their hands and need to act quickly to put the correct information out there; or seek help from those that really are in the business of producing health advice that the public can rely on,” he said today.

So the Council is now trying to skew the referendum so they don’t get embarrassed if the residents vote to over-ride their nutty decision.

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