Kiwiblog’s 10th birthday party

My first post on Kiwiblog was on the 27th of July 2003, so Kiwiblog has just had its 10th birthday. Over the decade Kiwiblog has had:

  • 22 million visits
  • Almost 45 million page views
  • Around 30,000 posts on 5,000 different topics
  • Over one million comments made.

As I was in New Orleans on the 27th of July, I’ve delayed the 10th birthday party until this month. There are three parts to it.

Part 1

On Tuesday 27 August (10 years and 1 month) we’re having a cocktail party to celebrate the 10th birthday that evening. My thanks to sponsors Kensington Swan, Ideas Shop, Independent Liquor and Wineseeker for coming to the party (literally) and making it happen.



In what are bound to become collector items, we will have both a special Kiwiblog RTD at the party, and also special Kiwiblog label pinot noirs and sauvignon blancs (plus beer). It should be a great night.

Sadly the venue can only hold 120 or so people, so that function is invite only. But I am providing an opportunity for readers to come along.

Part 2

I’m also hosting a public party at the Backbencher on Wednesday 21 August. I’ll be there from 5 pm onwards, and any and all readers are warmly invited to pop in for a drink. I’m working on seeing if we can get some Kiwiblog RTDs and wine made available, but there are some issues with liquor laws which we are working through. But at worst, you’ll have all the other drinks available at the Backbencher to choose from (cash bar).

We’ll also have a jar there and if you bring along your business card (or write name on a piece of paper), we’ll have a draw just before 6.30 pm for half a dozen or so tickets to the cocktail party the following week.

Whether you’re a regular commenter, an occasional contributor or a lurking reader – all welcome.

Part 3

On the same night (Wed 21 August), there will be a special episode of Backbenches focusing on Parliament, politics and social media. The filing is delayed slightly (starting 6.30 pm) to allow more time for drinks before hand (and hopefully afterwards). I understand the MPs appearing are prominent tweeters Trevor Mallard, Tau Henare and Asenati Lole-Taylor – so it should be a provocative night. It’s the second to last Backbenches of 2013, so if you want to attend a show, come along.

It’s been a fun ten years of blogging. I blog because I enjoy it – that is my main motivation. Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years, and hopefully see some of you next Wednesday.