New York

Took the Acela Express from DC to New York. So much better the flying. Total travel time of two hours 45 minutes is around the same, when you include airport transfers and queues – but you spend all of it in a much more comfortable seat – and can work on the train with free wireless. Also get to see some good scenery.


Staying at the Empire Hotel. It is on 63rd street, so at the lower end of Uptown, just one block from Central Park and a 20 minute walk to Times Square.

Fans of Gossip Girl may recognise the hotel, as it has appeared often in the TV series. This is the downstairs bar.


Then headed to Times Square, where we tried to get tickets for a show. We missed out on the lottery for Book of Mormon, but got some discounted tickets for Chicago which were in the third row, so really good seats. I love Chicago – the musical is so much better and funnier than the film – and the film was pretty damn good also. Absolutely worth seeing.



The (in)famous naked cowboy. He happens to also be running for President. He’s been doing his gig for 16 years or so. He is also a registered marriage celebrant.


Then headed back to the Empire Hotel, where we went up to the rooftop bar, which is very hard to get into if you are not a hotel guest.


Nice to have some drinks with some great views of the city. The world needs more rooftop bars!NY0006

They also serve breakfast up on the roof top, so this was the view this morning.



And a little lap pool up there also.