Greater Wellington Regional Council

Some thoughts on the candidates for the Greater Wellington Regional Council.


Jenny Brash and Barbara Donaldson are the only nominees for two positions so are re-elected unopposed

Kapiti Coast

Nigel Wilson is being challenged by Chris Turver, a former Regional Councillor.

Wilson is also standing for the DHB which puts me off. He also supports light rail despite every study done showing it would cost many times more than buses. Wilson appears to have been a decent Regional Counillor. However Turver was excellent when he was last on the Council, so I’d make him the preferred candidate.


There are eight candidates for five positions, so in one sense it is work out the three you don’t want. However not so easy as there are two Labour, two Greens and one Mana candidate. So maybe you just vote for three! Anyway my thoughts:

Judith Aitken. Generally a very competent Councillor. I have reservations over her also being on the DHB and it seems being anti-fluoride. But worth supporting.

Paul Bruce (Greens). An incumbent. His achievements include a moratorium on fracking. Need more be said.

Mike Fleming. An engineer. Seems sensible. Will vote for him.

Sue Kedgley (Greens). No.

Chris Laidlaw. Incumbent standing as an Indpendent, but former Labour MP. Not personally someone I am enthusiastic about but preferable to some of the others. A reluctant yes.

Ariana Paretutanganyi-Tamati (Mana). Don’t be silly.Wants the Council to stop borrowing money from banks etc which is ironic as her policies would crippe the Council with debt.

Daran Ponter (Labour). Despite his party tag, is relatively sensible and a constructive Councillor. Worth voting for.

Fran Wilde. My number one choice. One of the most determined and effective people I know. Gets things done.

Lower Hutt

Five seeking three positions.

Sandra Greig. An incumbent. Policies seem to include increasing rates and petrol tax. No.

Ken Laban. Labour, but a good bloke. Personable and competent. Is looking to move from City to Regional Council.

Prue Lamason. Incumbent. Know little about her.

David Ogden. A former Hutt Mayor. Fiscally responsible. Worth supporting.

John Terris. Also a former Mayor. Porbably a choice between him and Lamason for the third place.

Upper Hutt

Incumbent Paul Swain the only candidate. A good Councillor.


Gary McPhee being challenged by Andrew Stewart and John Dalziell. Don’t know enough about any of them to comment. Locals may want to comment below.

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