Australian parties get $56 million from the taxpayers reports:

AUSTRALIA’S political parties and independents have scooped up $56.3 million in funding from the votes they won at the federal election.

Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party made $2.202 million from its surprising strong vote on September 7 after Mr Palmer was believed to have poured millions into his campaign.

Liberal Democratic Party senator-elect David Leyonhjelm scored his predicted $1.033 million, despite admitting some people mixed his name up on the ballot paper with the Liberal Party and opposing public funding of political parties.

The Liberal Party made $23.103 million, the Nationals $3.076 million while the Australian Labor Party made $20.195 million.

The Greens will receive $5.356 million.

South Australian independent Senator Nick Xenophon will receive $636,127 after his strong polling in the state’s senate race.

Bob Katter’s Australian Party will receive $166,711 and Family First $103,724.

An AEC spokesman said all candidates who score at least 4 per cent of the vote qualified for the $2.48 payment per vote.

This is what the left want to occur in New Zealand. No more reliance on members and supporters for funding. Just rort it all from the taxpayer.

Taxpayers should not be forced to fund political parties through their taxes. Funding a political party should be a voluntary act. It is appropriate the MPs get resources to support their work as MPs, but party organisations should go find their own funding rather than force taxpayers to fund them.

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