Bain fingerprint tests

The Police have announced:

Scientific analysis by fingerprint and firearms experts do not support claims that gun powder residue caused the marks on Robin Bain’s fingers. 

Police have released an analysis of the original fingerprints taken from Robin Bain plus a report on testing of the firearm used in the Bain homicides.

This follows claims by the 3rd Degree programme in June that marks on pictures of Robin Bain’s thumb were caused by gun powder residue from the firearm’s magazine.

Police fingerprint experts examined the original post mortem fingerprint forms taken at the mortuary and compared those to the marks seen in the photographs of Robin Bain’s thumb and forefinger.

That examination confirmed that features were observed in the fingerprints which corresponded accurately with the marks shown in the photographs.

The experts concluded that this was strongly indicative that the marks shown in the photographs were the result of minor superficial damage to the skin surface.

Tests were also carried out by an ESR firearms expert on the weapon used in the Bain homicides. These tests aimed to replicate residue marks that were similar in appearance and position to the marks shown in the photographs of Robin Bain’s fingers.

The scientist formed the opinion that although there appeared to be a pair of lines on Mr Bain’s thumb that could have resulted from loading a cartridge into a magazine, there was considerable doubt that the shape, dimensions and colour of the marks on Mr Bain’s thumb were consistent with marks made as a result of loading a cartridge into a magazine.

“These tests have been carried out using accredited experts in controlled conditions with access to the original exhibits and in the presence of Mr Bain’s advocates” says Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess.

“The most likely explanation for the marks on the photographs would seem to be pre-existing damage or injury to the skin on Robin Bain’s thumb.

I predict those with strong views on either side of the David vs Robin camp will not change their views!

The fingerprint report is very interesting and is here. The firearms report is less conclusive and is here.


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