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Police in Washington are reviewing the use of officers’ deadly force in the killing of a woman who tried to ram her car through a White House barrier, a shooting her family says was unjustified.

It’s the White House. Officers don’t know if the car is packed full of explosives or not. It is very sad for the family of the driver who was obviously mentally ill, but the consequences were inevitable.

“We’re still very confused as a family why she’s not still alive,” Amy Carey-Jones said in New York late Friday after travelling to Washington to identify Miriam Carey’s body. “I really feel like it’s not justified, not justified.” Another sister, retired New York City police officer Valarie Carey, said there was “no need for a gun to be used when there was no gunfire coming from the vehicle.”

Again the possibility of explosives.

After Carey rammed the barricades at the White House, police chased her down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol, where she was shot. At one point near the Capitol, police say, she stopped her car abruptly, drove over a median strip and put the vehicle into reverse and refused to stop. She was then shot.

Carey’s daughter escaped serious injury and was taken into protective custody.

It is possible the daughter may have died if Carey wasn’t stopped/killed.

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