The neo-nazis HQ

Christchurch Mayoral candidate Kyle Chapman, of the so called NZ right wing resistance, has a profile page on VK.

Some people claim that Kyle and buddies are not really neo-nazis, just so called white pride etc.

Well these from his page should clear up any doubt.


So they worship the Nazis who exterminated millions of people based on their race. That is what they call white pride? Sad little fuckers.



They even appear to get turned on by wearing pretend uniforms.

The may wish to note comment from Mayoral candidate Kyle Chapman:

Also will create the enforcer patches soon for those who have done violence for the crew.

Kyle has big plans also:

Retaliators SC is the future street force in country and Australia, its sad that some people cant see these things untill its too late. They bury their heads in pride and over indulgent egos. Only the brotherhood of a mass movement will carry this movement forward, unleashed and focused…

They are mainly a threat to themselves, but do hope none of them have a firearms licence:



presume the fat one is Kyle?

He has been convicted of fire-bombing a marae, so one can’t be entirely complacent that their neo-nazi fantasies will remain in their bedrooms.

wonder if any of them actually have a job? I doubt it.

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