It’s the Anglican Church, not Gerry, who decided on the Cathedral

NewstalkZB reported:

Cabinet Minister Gerry Brownlee’s Catholic background has been brought up at the Labour Party’s annual conference in Christchurch.

Local Labour MP Megan Woods has noted Mr Brownlee’s St Bede’s while discussing the potential demolition of the city’s historic Anglican Cathedral.

“So if you get the chance, delegates, I’d like you to remind Gerry that they stopped giving out papal knighthoods for destroying Anglican cathedrals several centuries ago.”

That’s so sad. Trying to stir up resentment against Gerry because of his religion, but even worse trying to blame him for a decision which was not his. It is the Bishop of who made the decision.

Is Ms Woods stating that if she was in Government, she would have legislated to over-turn the decision of the Anglican Church? Is that what she thinks Gerry should have done?

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