Pass the popcorn, more Greens action

Patrick Gower has a delicious story that may point to why David Hay felt the need to publicly challenge Russel Norman for the male co-Leadership of the Greens.

It turns out that the Party hierarchy have been moving against Hay since late October. it is interesting that messages coming from Norman and other Greens has been that the Party is super democratic and Hay is entitled to challenge for the leadership. Oi guess they forgot all that stuff about how there were moves afoot to dump this guy from the candidate pool.

A few questions should be answered by the Greens – since they purport to be the most democratically, transparent and open party when did Mr Hay  find out that there was a move to dump him from the candidate pool? When were the party rank and file going to be told?  Were the co-Leaders aware of the move to dump Hay and if so why the comments about being a Democratic Party? If the Greens are so open, transparent and democratic why did Mr Hay feel his only avenue was to go public with a challenge if Russell?

I can’t wait for the detail to come out – the Greens are looking a little wobbly on this one.



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