22 top TV shows

News.com.au has what they call the 22 shows most worth bingeing on. They are:

  • Breaking Bad – started watching Season 1 on DVDs a few weeks ago, and damn good.
  • Girls – I love how Hannah, the lead, is such an unsympathetic character.
  • Mad Men – just finished watching Series 5 on DVD. Great one to watch from the beginning
  • Homeland – first season rocked.
  • Boardwalk Empire – yet to watch
  • Downton Abbey – my parents love it. Yet to view myself
  • The Sopranos – watched when live on TV – scheduled for a DVD binge
  • Friends – very easy to watch reruns, which is just as well as it has been on TV2 non stop for 15 years!
  • The Walking Dead – watched a few episodes, but not got into
  • Friday Night Lights – never heard of
  • The West Wing – have watched every episode at least six times. Love it.
  • House of Cards – am beyond addicted. Kevin Spacey as Frank is compelling.
  • Seinfeld – watched at the time, but not one for reruns
  • NCIS – watching both live and older episodes
  • House – watched live – excellent first few seasons but drifted off
  • The Newsroom – too preachy
  • Buffy – the first TV series watched from series beginning to end on DVD – lots of fun
  • Arrested Development – not watched
  • Game of Thrones – watched within hours of release
  • Scrubs – mildly funny at first, but annoying
  • Doctor Who – loved the Day of the Doctor
  • The Wire – have got Season 1 to watch as friends insist I will love it, but yet to get into


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