Hooton’s A to Z

From NBR:

E is for English, as in Bill, the standout star of the cabinet, who can take the credit when the economy booms next year, and whose macroeconomic stewardship deserves better support from his senior colleagues who remain preoccupied with questionable one-off deals. 

F is for Free Democrats, a great name for a new classical-liberal party, although the German version had its worst result since 1949, falling below the 5% threshold, missing out on seats in the Bundestag, and thus threatening Angela Merkel’s hold on power despite her Christian Democrats being by far the most popular party.

I’d call a new classical-liberal party “The Liberal Party”. The name should make it clear what you stand for.

G is for Graham, as in McCready, who first put Trevor Mallard in the dock and now John Banks, and maybe David Cunliffe, putting the police to shame.

He has vowed to prosecute Cunliffe for his tweet.

J is for jealous, the feeling of all of us too stupid to buy Xero back at launch (partly made up for by not being so stupid as to buy Mighty River Power or Meridian).

I’ve purchased at launch Xero, Mighty River and Meridian and believe all will be good long-term investments.

L is for Louisa, as in Wall, who joins a small elite club, including Fran Wilde, Tim Barnett and Sue Bradford in actually achieving something as a backbencher.

O is for awesome, like the All Blacks, Valerie Adams, Lydia Ko, Lorde and, sadly, Oracle Team USA.

Z is for zoo, and Auckland’s will have a new elephant, by far the most substantial ever outcome by any prime minister at a CHOGM.

That is probably correct!

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