Peters right on this

The Herald reports:

Winston Peters says we need to use the success of Kiwis like Lorde and Sir Peter Jackson as part of our foreign policy to promote our image abroad.

Speaking at a conference on cultural diplomacy in Berlin, Germany, yesterday, the New Zealand First leader said today’s digital environment meant the biggest contribution to cultural diplomacy would be made outside “official” channels.

“The recent impact of the Gangnam Style – something like riding a horse without the horse – raced across the world from South Korea,” he said, referring to the internet sensation turned international hit by musician Psy.

“Hundreds of millions sharing a harmless craze on YouTube and laughing together may be as helpful for world peace as some meetings at the United Nations.”

I agree. Not just because the UN performance is so limited due to security council vetos, but because the power of individuals to reduce barriers is immense.

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