Williams on Brown

The Herald reports:

One of the most puzzling aspects of the Len Brown scandal is when he found time to cheat on his wife, says former North Shore City mayor-turned-MP Andrew Williams.

“It was full on – from dawn to dusk,” said Mr Williams, now a New Zealand First MP. “Your spare time would be limited. I am somewhat aghast he would have had the time to do it. I was run ragged for three years.

“[Wife] Jane said to me, ‘I can’t believe he would have time for an affair’.”

To be fair, it seems the encounters did not require much time 🙂

Mr Williams said he was surprised by the details brought out in the EY (Ernst & Young) report. The amount of phone contact with Ms Chuang was a surprise. “I don’t think I would have rung my wife 1375 times.”

I’m no expert but I understand people tend to contact their mistress more than their spouse!

He said the frequency of stays in hotels in the city was also unusual. Mr Williams said it would have taken Mr Brown as long to get home as it used to take him as North Shore City mayor – and he had needed a hotel only once. On that single occasion, city-based meetings were followed by a black tie function and a 6.30am start the next day.

The number of stays by Mr Brown “seems excessive”, particularly considering the Super City mayoralty came with a car and driver.

At least 60 stays and he lived 20 minutes from the CBD!

The SkyCity hospitality – including free rooms and upgrades – was “definitely a conflict of interest”.

“That should have sent alarm bells to Len straight away.”


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