Labour announces welfare for almost everyone!

NewstalkZB reports:

Labour's launched its election year lolly scramble with child payments of $60 a week to all families with newborns, who earn a total annual of up to $150,000.

My . We're turning families on $140,000 into beneficiaries.

Welfare should be targeted at those most in need. A family on $140,000 with one child do not need our taxes.

At the other end of the scale, is a huge incentive to have more children if you are already on welfare.

Labour says 59,000 families – or 95 percent – would receive the payments until their child's first birthday, and payments of up to $60 a week will continue for “modest and middle-income” families until their child turns three.

I presume this is on top of Working for Families, so in fact every extra child you have on welfare will get you an extra $120 a week.

UPDATE: Was pointed out on that backbench will be eligible for this new welfare payment. Yep, if a backbench MP gets pregnant (or their wife gets pregnant), then taxpayers will be paying them $60 a week welfare because they're in such dire need. Sickening.

UPDATE2: According to this fact sheet, a sole parent beneficiary will now get $128 a week more if they have a second child while on welfare.

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